Financial Technology Track of the EIT Master School

University of Rennes opens a Master's programme in Fintech for EIT Digital's Master School : A high-level master in a class-leading European hub in Fintech.

Finance Technologies

In September 2020, the University of Rennes opened a Master's in Fintech for the EIT Digital Master School. Students can apply until 11 April 2023  to enter the cohort of 2023-2024. In line with EIT Digital’s philosophy, the Master programme must be followed in two different partner universities ; the first year will be offered by the University of Rennes, France; ELTE, in Hungary; POLIMI, in Italy; Trento, in Italy; and UPM, in Spain. 

The second year will be offered by the University of Rennes, ELTE, Nice UCA and Trento.

Our Fintech program

This new EIT Digital program is under the European coordination of the University of Rennes and emerges in a crucial moment in which several disruptive technologies have impacted the financial ecosystem with strong investment from large companies. Strongly based on data science knowledge, our European program on FinTech is aimed at training the new generation of computer science professionals that will develop this emerging sector.

The FinTech Master will provide students with finance-related knowledge and data science expertise to contribute to the digital transformation of the Digital Finance industry, in accordance with the EIT Digital label on Education and the learning outcomes of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor.

Skills in the Fintech curriculum

The courses taught in the curriculum cover the following topics:

The FinTech entry point (M1) will provide in-depth theoretical and technical skills in basic courses (such as Data Management, Machine Learning, and Symbolic Data Mining), and a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship oriented to FinTech services and technologies (i.e. I&E Basics, I&E Electives, Business Development Labs; and Application Project in Digital Finance). The exit point, through the specialisation in FinTech for Social impact, will provide a different specialization from other partners (e.g. Cloud and Bigdata Management and Datawarehouses).

A team of experienced and well recognized instructors

The University of Rennes has experts in all the domains regarding Fintech and has strong partnerships in the local and European innovation ecosystem. As far as the Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship goes, several professional and experts will contribute to the program. Companies and public organizations will provide the program with business challenges that the students may use as starting points for their projects.


The Fintech master program is proposed in two different tracks:

EIT Digital Master School

University of Rennes

The EIT Digital master school is a joint initiative by leading universities in Europe. Students from this program will spend their two study years in two different European universities. They will receive a double master degree as well as an EIT Digital certificate, documenting the specific EIT Digital learning outcomes. The universities participating in this program are University of Rennes, ELTE, POLIMI, Trento, and UPM. The Fintech program of University of Rennes is a two-year program located in Rennes, France. Students will follow exactly the same set of courses as students from the EIT Digital master school, except that they will spend their two study years in Rennes. They will receive a Master degree in Fintech from the University of Rennes.


The courses are offered in the frame of the EIT Digital Master School Fintech programme. Students can choose to follow the programme through the EIT Digital Master School or the University of Rennes.

EIT Digital Master School

  • Two-year studies in English in two different European universities
  • Two degrees from both universities and a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • An internship at a company or a research institute
  • Participation in a three-day business challenge, a two-week Summer School and a Graduation Ceremony
  • Benefit from the EIT Digital business and alumni community

You will become one of Europe's finest digital innovators and entrepreneurs, and get to join an extraordinary ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, students and alumni across the world.

First period opens on November 1st and closes on February 8th, 2024.
Second period opens on February 12th and closes on April 11th (17h00 CET).

Scholarships : EU students admitted to University of Rennes will receive a half tuition fee waiver for the Entry or Exit year spent at University of Rennes

To apply, you need to register and submit your application on the EIT Digital Application Portal. You do not need to do your application all at once. You can save your progress and sign back in anytime. You can access the list of required documents for your application here. Please note that although we try to be flexible, incomplete applications will not be processed.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the programs and all the help we can provide you to candidate to this programs: eit-isticatuniv-rennes [dot] fr

Curriculum manager: Alvaro Pina Stranger alvaro [dot] pina-strangeratuniv-rennes [dot] fr